History, Mission, Goals & Objectives


B.O.L.T. was launched by Tridel in 2009, and was established as a charitable foundation on January 1st, 2013. It started as a simple concept; to provide awareness and learning opportunities for youth associated with The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto to the field of construction. By establishing additional community, government and industry partnerships, the B.O.L.T. Program has since expanded to reach an even broader range of youth.

Through various fundraising events supported by our industry and trade partners, and through Tridel’s internal fundraising initiatives, B.O.L.T. has provided over 160 scholarships for post-secondary education and training for those deserving youth interested in pursuing a career in construction.

In September of 2014, B.O.L.T. Charitable Foundation established it’s very own Scholarship Program.

Through programs and partnerships, B.O.L.T. provides the framework to assist youth in embarking on a career in construction.  B.O.L.T. goes ‘beyond the classroom’, to help connect under-resourced youth to meaningful and rewarding employment in the industry.

B.O.L.T. Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist under-resourced youth to connect to education and careers in construction.

B.O.L.T. Goals & Objectives

  • To create awareness about the diverse and numerous career opportunities in the construction industry by hosting Speak Outs, an annual Day of Discovery and by offering Job Shadowing experiences.
  • To raise funds to support scholarship and training opportunities for under-resourced youth wishing to pursue a training or a post-secondary program in a construction.
  • To  foster trade and industry partnerships to provide employment, training and mentorship opportunities for youth, and to secure the support of community and government partnerships required for the success of the program.