B.O.L.T.’s Vision



Tridel recognizes that there will be a serious shortage of skilled trades people in the near future and believes that the construction industry needs to inspire a new generation of trades people and promote the high regard afforded to a certified trade professional.

An assessment of construction labour markets from 2011 to 2019 for Ontario estimates 60,000 new work force entrants will join the province’s construction work force over the next nine years; however, the industry will still need to recruit 100,000 more to meet demand and to compensate for 73,000 retirements.

B.O.L.T. will create a win-win situation for the youth, the industry and for society.

The B.O.L.T. program will continue to encourage youth to consider a career in construction by participating in more Speak Outs targeted to younger students and their parents. More funds will be raised to provide additonal scholarships and training opportunities for priority youth interested in pursuing a career in construction.  New community, government and industry partnerships will be established to provide more opportunities and programs to assist young people to achieve their dreams of a career in construction.

A B.O.L.T. Charitable Foundation was established in January 2013 to facilitate continued financial support of the Program.